Object of the Week: Eggs for Easter

This week our Curator of Collections, Carol Davies, talks about Kendal Museum’s vast egg collections. Why not see how many you can find at the museum when we are open?

Kendal Museum has lots of egg collections. These were collected in Victorian times, however egg collecting is totally banned now. The biggest egg in the world belongs to the Ostrich, they are enormous! To give you an idea of scale, the smaller blue egg in the above picture belongs to a Raven. Ravens are at the Tower of London and they are pretty big…

The picture shows very large ostrich egg, a slightly smaller emu egg and by comparison, a very small slightly blue tinged raven egg!

Collectors sometimes wrote the collection details on the eggs. There is another big egg in this picture. Can you make out this old fashioned writing? Which bird egg is this one?

Come and find out more…… 

Carol Davies AMA
Curator of Collections
Kendal Museum

Come and explore the Kendal & Westmorland and World Wildlife Galleries at Kendal Museum and learn more about our egg collections. You can book your tickets here.

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