Take a unique journey through the history of our region from the Neolithic Age to Roman Times and right up to the 20th Century.

The Kendal and Westmorland Gallery includes social history treasures and archaeological discoveries from the local area, from a huge display dedicated to the fellwalker and writer Alfred Wainwright to our intriguing Cabinet of Curiosities. Discover Prehistoric artefacts which include a variety of Mesolithic tools from the Limestone Uplands of southern Cumbria and a large collection of Neolithic axe material from the Central Fells, Cumbria. Don’t forget to have a play on our volcanic lithophones, be mesmerised by the brain coral, and say hello to our wonderful full sized horse and rider who are decked out in the full uniform of the Cumberland and Westmorland Yeomanry!

We also have on display a Viking boat from Kentmere tarn, Ancient Egyptian artefacts, and our vast array of Roman artefacts from a variety of sites including Watercrook Fort in Kendal. This collection includes domestic and military items, coins, jewellery, shoes, altars, an officer’s memorial and a sculpture of the classical god Bacchus.

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