Object of the Week: Brachiopod

This week our Curator of Collections, Carol Davies, talks about Kendal Museum’s Brachiopod, found on Kendal Fell.

This is a fossil Brachiopod – a marine bottom dwelling bivalve animal. Brachiopods are very rare today but in geological time they were very common.

But look closely! It was found on Kendal Fell and Brachiopods live in the sea…..

Kendal was once under water in geological time, we were covered by warm shallow seas!

Come and explore the exhibitions of the geology of Kendal and the Lake District at Kendal Museum. See how our environment and the strange creatures that once lived here have changed through time.

Carol Davies AMA
Curator of Collections
Kendal Museum

Come and explore the Kendal & Westmorland and World Wildlife Galleries at Kendal Museum and learn more about our natural history collections. We’re open again! You can book your tickets here.

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