Object of the Week: Atlantic Salmon

This week our Curator of Collections, Carol Davies, talks about Kendal Museum’s Salmon!

This salmon on display in the World Wildlife Gallery is carved in wood. This was a way in which Fishermen could ‘preserve’ their catch as a trophy. It is very large and was caught in Norway.

Did you know that we have salmon in the River Kent? If you look at the river near the museum you will see there is a salmon jump to help them make their way up stream to spawn.

Why not pop along and see the Salmon in the museum, I do not think you will ever see one as big as this one in real life!

Carol Davies AMA
Curator of Collections
Kendal Museum

Come and explore the Kendal & Westmorland and World Wildlife Galleries at Kendal Museum and learn more about our wildlife.

We are open from Thursday 20th May 2021! You can book your tickets here.

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