MAY Di Meth-Cohn -THE LAST FEW YEARS- Exhibition

Artist Statement

Di Meth-Cohn

I was born and grew up in Manchester, before moving to the South Lakes area in 1987, when my first son was 8 months old. Breath-taken by the beauty of the area and overwhelmed every day, by the changing scenery, particularly the colours and shapes of the mountains, I was fortunate to have some time to explore, whilst looking after my baby.

I have always had a love for plants, especially flowering plants. I’ve often been told, by people close to me, that perhaps my eyes’ colour sensitivity is more concentrated than the average person, leading to a greater enjoyment of bright colours and objects. My husband, who sadly passed away in May 2020 was convinced I had an LSD brain, without taking LSD! Maybe he was right, as I am drawn to and often feel compelled to paint, with very bright colours.

Initially creating my own acrylic paintings to brighten the family home, after being encouraged to do so by my husband, I began painting more regularly, for other people to enjoy. I am often experimental in my approach, with materials used and regularly paint with mediums and implements not generally used for art. My paintings have been described by many as unashamedly bright, upbeat and cheerful. I have been told by people having them on their walls, that they have enjoyed the feelings of positivity, happiness, energy and love, evoked by their paintings.

Due to the impact of my husband’s passing of brain tumour disease in 2020, of Covid and lockdown and the many changes in life, I have increasingly sought solace in the actual process of painting. Consequently my work has been expressed differently, because of the various emotions I have felt.

Much of my work has been brought about by the love I have had the fortune to enjoy, the tenderness I’ve felt and also by the deep loss I have suffered. Some work has been about gratitude, thankfulness, the places I’ve been, the sounds heard and the meaningful interactions experienced.

Keeping my mind healthy has been a challenge, throughout the devastating experiences of the last few years. Being outside, enjoying nature and the peace it brings to my soul, has helped me to get through, as well as being a key source of inspiration for my art work.

I hope you enjoy perusing my work and thank you for your interest.

Di Meth-Cohn

The exhibition is free admission, open to public Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9:30-16:30.

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