FEBRURARY Lavinia Haslam -WILD WATERS-Exhibition


Lavinia Haslam: Is of African.- European heritage  a single mother of 2, who has faced challenges and adversity Graduating from Braford university in 1999 as a professional photographer and stylist working with the exploration of concepts and interpretations   with families from  a range of diverse backgrounds,  She spent the last 15 years working as a bridal hair specialist and hairdresser, following her  MA graduation in Fine Art 2022, she has created an innovative clothing brand named nipples and ripples a direct diversion within  her practise using art as a mindful practise and tool to help with well-being and resilience. Lavinia is a creative individual who expresses her work through emotion and raw art practise to emerge as a New Up and coming artist of 2022. She now showcases her work with perception and fine detail, the distortion of figurative pieces, which will leave the viewer in thought for weeks. She demonstrates the traditional medium of photography in and around the Lake District and utilises photos challenging printmaking and photography as a single process, layering embedded traditional ideas and using them to create pieces which are unique and fascinating to the eye. Current trends on wild water swimming are the general theme to the work however Lavinia goes onto further visualise activities surrounding Windermere Lake beyond the ideals of traditionalism. 

The museum opening hours apply. The exhibition is admission free.

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